Synthetic data
for Face AI

Unlimited, unbiased datasets
without any privacy concerns

Human face

Datasets for AI testing and training  

Training new models?

Define your custom distribution and create a dataset aimed at increasing accuracy and fixing performance gaps.

Explore our datasets
realistic synthetic data to reduce demographic bias and boost global performance
fully GDPR compliant
unlimited volume and variability

Testing existing algorithms?

Don't miss any edge case: leverage our synthetic database to benchmark your algorithm against a list of common face recognition pitfalls.

Let the AI testing begin
different lighting, accessories, poses, expressions: test all of it for maximum security
high-quality synthetic pictures for reliable and interpretable tests
exploit our AI Testing Platform with built-in metrics and test cases

Fully customisable datasets  

You define
the demographics

Our synthetic data is built with fairness in mind. We can create pictures with a wide array of skin tone variations.
To avoid biased results, our synthetic identities are uniformly distributed across ethnicities, age groups, and genders.

Wide range of poses and expressions

Are you aiming at increasing the accuracy of landmark detection with facial expressions? Or are you working on face recognition at extreme angles?
Whatever the use case, we can help you generate unlimited variations from a large set of unique synthetic humans.

Fully randomised
environments and lighting

The accuracy of computer vision models can be largely impacted by changing environments.
Using synthetic data improves the resilience of your solution to a diverse range of scenarios by allowing you to create virtually infinite lighting conditions.

Key benefits  


Unlimited volume

A large set of unique identities and infinite pictures for each one of them

Labeled data

Demographic metadata, 2D-3D landmarks, head poses, and more...

Cover edge-cases

Extreme lighting, unexpected camera positions, closed eyes, you name it.

Fully bias-free

Fair algorithms need fair data. Use Synthetic Data to obtain bias-free distributions

GDPR Compliant

Move fast and safe by unlocking millions of datapoints with no privacy concerns.


Effective iteration

It's hard to experiment and iterate on your model when the data is fixed. Synthetic Data removes this obstacle.

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